tasación de inmuebles válidos para hipotecas de cualquier banco.

An official valuation of a property is an objective and realistic basis for price negotiation and also for soliciting a mortgage with any Spanish bank.

Depending on the location and characteristics of the real estae in question, prices vary tremendously, sometimes very intransparetly for non-professionals.
Our professional appraisers consider not only location and size of the property, but also the general structure and possible accessories before performing the valuation based on an official local market scheme.

Obviously, there is always a variable component to the actual price of a property based on personal preferences and taste. Nevertheless, we provide you with an dobjective and official number to base your negotiations on.

from €439,-*

*Price excl. VATfor real estate up to 250 square meters.
Properties of 251 a 500 square meters €495,-.
For larger units, please contact us for a personalized offer or calculate your cost here!