Termites – unfortunately, it´s not wood-worm


I bought a house in Spain to renovate. It was clear it wasnt´in the conditions to live in as it was although the seller reassured that everything was ok.

The roof was not insulated and the wooden floors showed clear signs of use and abuse so I put myself to work. Everything was going as planned until I discovered tiny little white animals – then unknown to me – upon dismatling the kitchen carpintry. A quick search in Google images shed light on the issue: termites!

Studying a little more about termites in Spain, I had little hope that the kitchen was the only affected area. All wooden structures could be hollow, invisible from the outside! All wooden structural items – beams, floors, roofing – were potentially in danger of collapsing. On top of that, the termites only came to eat my house but do not live there. Their safe home was somewhere in the vicinity up to 3 meters below the ground.

Obviously, I had to detect the affected areas, treat them properly and make sure the termites won´t come back again. In expert hands, this is not impossible, not even that difficult. However, it was a cost I had not counted on at all.

Many houses in Spain are affected. And it costs literally nothing at all to make sure if the object you are interested in is affected or not. It´s free!
This is my personal experience that led me to start iNMOspector.es. So you can avoid unwanted surprises.

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