You want to sell real estate in Spain and be sure you won´t be held responsible for possible defects?bigstock-real-estate-and-family-home-co-95532299 will send an approved, independent and experienced technician to the object and evaluate its condition in detail.

Option 1: Technical Inspection

With the technical inspection report you are providing objective information about the technical state of your property to a potential buyer; its structure and statics, fassades, roofing, windows, plumbing and waste water installations, electric installation… the report covers all constructive aspects of the property/ the building that contains it so that the buyer can enter the purchase with complete safety. And so can you.
Content of the technical report (spanish)

Option 2: Legal Report

In Spain, not all that has been buiñlt is legal or even legalizable. Gve your potential buyers the necessary security about the legal status of your property with the legal report.

Option 3: Valuation

The price of real estate not always reflects its value. Our iNMOspectors erform an independent, professional and objective valuation approved by the Sociedad de Tasaciones (Society of Valuations)  and in accordance with the standards of the Banco de España (Spanish Central Bank) with which you may establish a sales price according to the market.
Additionally, you can offer your clients valid documentation to obtain a mortgage.

Option 4: Energy Efficiency Certificate

This is the easiest and most cost efficient way to comply with your legal obligation to provide the Energy Efficieny Certificate  with your sales documentation. Don´t worry about finding another technician, make appointments and pay yet another seperate bill. Our iNMOspector will cover the Energy Efficiency Certificae in the same visit.