Pest Diagnosis

Pest Diagnosis in Real Estate

When buying real estate, whether is is for your family or for your business, it is substantial to be sure it is free of pests or plagues. Although this sounds obvious, there are pests which are very difficult to detect.
Actually, was born because of a real estate purchase infected with undetected termites, which had a tremendous negative effect on the restauration costs. Instead of renovating the houses “cosmetics”, it had to be completely dismantled and reconstructed.

The diagnosis includes a check and safety from the following attacks:

  1. Insects
  2. Rodents
  3. Birds
  4. Fungus

A professional and experienced technician will visit and thoroughly inspect the building to detect possible invasions by unwanted animals and fungus.

En caso positivo, le facilitaremos un presupuesto para su tratamiento que puede aceptar o no aceptar.

Como comprador se llevará sin ningún coste la información sobre el diagnóstico y la tranquilidad y seguridad que proporciona.
Al vendedor le damos a tranquilidad de no ser demandado por posibles imperfectos ocultos de una vivienda después de su venta.

Pest Diagnosis
* deductable from treatment bill, if necessary!
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