Complete Security and Safety Package

inspección completa

Aprovechamos una sola visita para revisar todos los aspectos de la vivienda.

The purchase or sale of real estate is a substantial investment, be it personal or for business, an can influence your financial situation considerably for years to come.
Therefore, we at recommend to be sure about all the areas that influence your purchase or sale:

  1. The technical state of the object should be what you expect
  2. There should be no legal problems associated with the property
  3. The price should be correct
  4. You should be aware of possible pests.
  5. You should have the energy efficiency certificate (mandatory by law)
  6. In case renovation is necessary, you should have an estimate of additional costs to expect. offers all five reports plus renovation estimate in a single special offer package!

special price starting at €660,- (-30%)*

*Price excl. VAT for objects under 100 square meters.
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