bigstock-Loving-couple-looking-at-their-33303005You found real estate in Spain and want to be sure about its technical and legal state before you buy or rent it? sends a certified, experienced technician to the site in order to carefully evaluate its condition.

Option 1: Technical Inspection

This report provides information and documentation about the technical conditions of the different aspects of an object analyzing its structure, fassade, roofing, windows, plumbing and waste water, electrical installation… the report covers all construction aspects of the real estate or building that contains it so that you really know what you are buying. Content of the Technical Inspection

Opción 2: Legal Report

In Spain, not all real estate that exists is legal or “legalizable”. We review all the legal documents and registry entrees of the object of your interest so that you can buy safely without worries

Opción 3: Valuation

The price of real estate not always reflects its objective value. Our give you an independent, objective  and professional valuation, signed and stamped by an association of real estate valuation accredited by the Spanish National Bank.

Opción 5: Pest Diagnosis (free)