Bed-Bugs – What (not) to do

When you have bed bugs, there’s only so much you can do to kill them by yourself. Apart from contacting a professional for immediate help, there are a few ways to deal with bed bugs that I’ve discussed, at length, in this guide. I hope you find an effective way to reduce, if not completely eliminate, a bed bugs infestation in your room.
Bedbug bite Wanze biss Bettwanze Chinche de cama picadura

And this is what bed bug bites look like.

All these factors are highly recommended by professionals as ways to prevent a major infestation explosion. Bed bugs become a severe hazard when they’re not controlled from the initial stages. So failing to treat them can lead to a complete overthrow of your bed, furniture, and clothing. Not to mention, nobody would want to enter your home in the fears of catching a taking a bug into their homes.

Get Jen´s complete guide here.

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Bedbug Wanze Bettwanze Chinche de cama

This is what bed bugs look like

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