iNMOspectores are architects and construction engineers lead by Tudó & Galán Arquitectura as well as Markus Hoffmann Internet Consulting.

We have personally experienced and seen surprises that can happen when buying or selling private or business real estate in Spain. Generally, we are speaking of relatively large transactions. It is a type of transaction most of us do only a few times in our lives and, therefore, have little expertise in judging the pros and cons of these.

We can ask a friend with experience and maybe he or she is even an architect or construction engineer. Most likely, however, is that this friend cannot offer the objectivity, experience and resources we have at iNMOspector, let alone the legal backing of our reports and certificates.

Our goal is for you to be able to realize your real estate transaction securely and calmly.

Certification and Valuation:
Tudó & Galán Arquitectura
Rúa Anxo Senra, 25 – Oficinas, local 2
O BURGO, Culleredo (A CORUÑA)
Tlf./Fax: +34 981 653 354 
Sales and Financial Administration:
Markus Hoffmann Internet Consulting
CIF: x6083944-F
Bergondo/ A Coruña/ España
Tlf. +34 687697516