Immobilien bezahlen – von Preis bis Hypothek

property valuationThe acquisition of real estate is a major financial decision for most of us. Whether we are thinking of buying a second home in the sun, a residence for retirement or simply an investment, we should try to get several things right.

First of all, we need to negotiate a good price. All smart financing and low interest rates are nonsense if you are simply paying too much for a property. Re-selling may also be difficult since others may control the market better than you do. You can get an objective valuation of spanish properties through our Real Estate Valuation.
Once you have this objective market price, you can add and subtract subjective value according to your personal taste.

If you are financing your property with a Spanish bank, you will need this valuation by an official, licensed “tasador” either way for your bank to be able to process a mortgage on the property. Be careful with the small print in the terms and conditions of your “hipoteca” since they may not be the same you are used to from your home-banks!

If you want to sell your property in Spain, it is also good to have it valued correctly and financed flexibly. But then again, we´re not a bank, we can just value your property and forward our experience 🙂



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