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The roof is one of the first things I pay attention to when buying a house. If the roof has defects, everything located below is likely to be affected as well.

If the defect is relatively small, for example a tiny leak, it may be easier to find the problem indirectly through the problems it has caused (that is, if the leak is not new!).

The effects of water are various: mold/ fungus and other pests, damaged and warped carpentry as well as bulging and broken floors. Water, with time, ist very strong and can even damage stone walls in conjunction with humid wood.

Remedies vary from small repair jobs to changing the complete roofing. Most important, however, is to have the problem identified and isolated. Ideally, you find the probem before you buy real estate through a technical inspection. Then you can decide either not to buy the object or negotiate prices accordingly.

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